For any David Jones board members reading this blog, the post title says “Oh My God, In Real Life is Too Good To Be True? (F*^k My Life!)”…  which might be the ironic realisation many large Australian retailers should be having about the significant comparative advantage their shopfront could give them over pure play online retailers.


Awesome article published in The Observer on the weekend (Sunday paper by The Guardian folk in the UK). The key message is that physical retailers have the opportunity to turn their High St bricks-and-mortar outlet into an experiential brand display, even a place of pilgrimage for their customers.

That is, the ‘In Real Life’ experience can and should be invaluable to brands – retailers have the chance to create a multidimensional experience that online outlets can only dream of.

I love the comment by the article’s author:

“The flagship store isn’t just a shop – it’s a brand’s shop window.”    ~ Lauren Laverne, The Observer, 6 October 2013

That is, physical spaces gives customers a chance to experience what a brand is all about – not just what stuff they can buy.

Hate to be negative but of course the reverse is true, and nothing is driving Australian consumers into the carts of online retailers faster than the drab and uninspired High St physical retailers. Do you not want to take the opportunity to give us a glimpse into your exciting essence as a brand…? Or do you not have an exciting essence…? Jury’s out.


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