Really good Chrissy read – “Killing Fairfax” by Pamela Williams.

Just like a classic horror movie you’ll spend half your time wishing the victim wouldn’t act like a naive twat… but that seems to be exactly what Fairfax has done over the last ten years.


It’s a surreal story of arrogance, lack of vision and mismanagement – particularly under Fred Hilmer’s tutelage – of one of the largest media companies in Australia. Fairfax owned the classified advertising market but lost it all to internet hungry startups (SEEK, realestate.com.au and Carsales) despite having ample opportunity to take them on head to head or get into bed with them. 

The killer twist is that Packer and Murdoch, lifelong foes of Fairfax, funded all of theses startups and have made billions out of Fairfax’s demise.

Wonderful reading for any disruptor, entrepreneur or lover of horror flicks. Buy it here.


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